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Common Seller Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

It is no secret that selling your home can be one of the most challenging experiences you will ever face. Opening your home for complete strangers to step in, poke around, evaluate, judge, and then stick a price tag on it can really feel like a privacy (or lack thereof) nightmare. Not to mention that they are only seeing the home for its physical value and chances are that your home means much more to you than that. Whether it’s your first time selling or you consider yourself a pro, here are common mistakes people make when selling their home and how to avoid them. 

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Holding Onto Sentimental Value

Selling your home is a huge decision and it makes total sense that it will come with a flood of emotions. It’s likely that you’ve spent many years creating lifelong memories and experiencing important life events that you will cherish forever. However, once it comes time to get serious about the sale, it is important to get your emotions in check and look at your home from a more business-like perspective. It may seem difficult at first but once you take a step back and distance yourself from your emotional connection to the home, the process will become easier and more efficient. 

Going on Your Own

It may be tempting to try and sell your home on your own to save money and avoid any commission fees - however, homes typically sell for more when listed with an agent than those who sell on their own. This shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise considering that your agent is going to be dedicated to you getting the absolute best price and has the knowledge and experience to make sure that you do. 

Failing To Present Your Home in The Best Way Possible

As with practically everything in life, the first impression that potential buyers have of your home is a crucial part of the sale. By not deeply cleaning, staging, and freshening up your home, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table. It is important to pay close attention to every detail of your home and even have a close friend or relative give an opinion of areas you may not be seeing. Bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens are among the most important areas to prepare when selling. 

Delaying Necessary Home Repairs or Issues

If your home has any problems that need to be fixed you should address them immediately or at least prior to getting ready to sell. No matter how big or small, necessary repairs will considerably affect a buyer’s offer. While it may be easier said than done, going through and fixing whatever problems the home has is well-worth the investment. 

Ignoring Market Trends

Knowing what’s happening in your local Indiana real estate market is key to understanding what to expect when selling your Indiana home. For example, the time of year you list your Indiana home for sale is important. Homes often look better in the spring and summer when you can plant some flowers, mow the lawn, and add some “curb appeal” to your listing. Additionally, knowing how to price your home is crucial as the longer a home stays for sale, the less likely it is to sell for an optimal price. Market trends affecting how to value your home, such as what repairs or upgrades are most desirable, are important to know and consider when determining your goals, such as how much you want to make or how quickly you want to sell your Indiana home.

Selling your home is a major decision and can be a daunting task. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can save yourself some headaches (and even a few dollars, too). View our guide to selling your home for more information on what to expect during your home sale process or contact our team of Central Indiana real estate specialists today to discuss your options.

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