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Guide to Open Houses for Sellers


Why Have an Open House?

Open houses are a very popular and effective tool for marketing homes. Open houses can be a one-time event or recurring event that invites potential buyers to view your home and speak with your real estate agent. This allows buyers to ask questions and get a closer look at the property without having to schedule an appointment. Open houses can result in offers or even just generate word-of-mouth advertising for your property. Contact your agent about whether having an open house is the best option for you.


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Get Your Home Ready

Before having an open house, you'll want to spend some time making your home picture-perfect. This is a great time to do those touch-ups and repairs you've been meaning to get around to. A deep clean of the house should be done, remembering to include details like cleaning the windows and shampooing the carpet or rugs. If you're low on time, consider hiring a professional cleaning service for the job. Keep in mind that strong smells like candles and air fresheners should be avoided. 

Part of having a successful open house is making sure that buyers can picture themselves living in the home. To create widespread appeal for your house, we recommend decluttering and depersonalizing. The goal is to highlight the best features of your home and make spaces easily viewable. Removing excess furniture, taking down family photos, and decluttering storage spaces will help accentuate your home's size and features. Another option is to hire a professional to stage your home for you. If you have questions about the process of getting your home ready for an open house, don't hesitate to contact your agent.


Spend the Day Out

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After helping prepare your home, you'll get to enjoy some time out of the house while your real estate agent manages the open house. Don't worry, your agent is a pro at these! When you leave the home, you should make sure to take any valuables, prescription medications, and pets with you. You'll get to reconnect with your agent after the event to talk about how it went.

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